Computer Science Tutor



Father of two students (aged 6 and 12)

The boys are very happy with how things are going —— when they found out that there were no lessons over half-term they were pretty upset — so i think that is a good indicator.


Head of Computer Science - TES School of the Year 7

Sam’s Computer subject knowledge and programming skills are excellent. Having worked with Sam as HOD at an outstanding school I feel that Sam was always professional and passionate to bring a positive vibe to learning. He has numerous resources to engage all abilities in a range of programming and theory topics. Highly recommended.


International A-Level student

I've about ten hours of lessons with Sam now. I'm very happy - he's very helpful and knows how to explain the concepts very well. He is particularly good at the programming side and it seems it is his favorite part to teach. Sam is very thorough and makes sure you understand the concepts well. It makes a big difference to have a qualified teacher! I will continue to have regular lessons with him and would definitely recommend him.