About me

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Why choose Sam?

After achieving a First Class Honours degree in Computing, hard work, a rigorous interview process (and a sprinkle of luck), Sam was awarded a BCS scholarship from the Academy of Computing to train at the prestigious King's College London, where he qualified with a PGCE in Computer Science. Following this, Sam taught Computing in the TES Secondary School of the Year - St.Thomas the Apostle College.

Teaching style and tutoring excellence

Sam follows an evolving pedagogy of demonstrate/model, task, review which often changes depending on the subject and the way that students learn. Sam is able to combine his diverse teaching experience (students aged from 5-18) with an extensive background in Computing, Web Development and Programming as well as 8 years working within the Systems Support Industry to inform and teach his students with excellent results.

School Experience

As a qualified Teacher of Computer Science teacher, Sam has taught across London in both all-boys and all-girls schools (pupils aged 11 - 18) whilst spending some time in mixed secondary and primary schools. This has allowed Sam to teach and relate to a wide range of students, and subsequently Sam has become a very sought-after teacher and tutor! Prior to full-time tutoring Sam work in the TES School of the Year, where he helping students develop academically and personally as they moved into adulthood.

Favourite part of tutoring

Sam’s favourite part of his job as a teacher is two-pronged: getting to know his students and then using this knowledge to help develop their skills. There is no better way to do this than through one-to-one tutoring in a relaxed and comfortable setting, as he is then able to focus all attention on their learning. This enables the fastest learning curve and ensures the most enjoyment for the student.

Other interests

Maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is crucial. Exercising via football, yoga, the gym and plenty of walking, as well as keeping the mind sharp by implementing emerging practices in both personal programming work, and many of my students' projects.